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8 February 2021 - 15 February 2021
Virtual mission India

During the virtual mission you will learn more about the developments and opportunities regarding water management. The focus is mainly on flood management and making cities resilient to climate change.

For whom?

The mission is only open to companies and knowledge institutions that are active in the following subsectors:

Water safety

• resilience of cities

• flood management

• river management

Water security

• use water to make cities more climate-proof (Water as Leverage)

• water quality

• wastewater management

Water shortages

There are major water problems in India. The changing climate has a major impact on water systems. India is increasingly dealing with the effects of extreme weather, such as floods and drought. This is causing increasing water shortages and polluted water sources in many Indian regions. At the moment 600 million Indians are directly short of water. This is not only the case in rural areas, but especially also in the Indian megacities.


In addition, India is increasingly shaken by major floods. For example, in 2020 the Brahmaputra River flooded, with consequences for millions of Indians. At the same time, Hyderabad - a major IT city - suffered from flooded streets for weeks.
Because the causes of floods differ per region, it is important to understand the situation per region. This makes it easier to cope with the floods.

Challenges and Opportunities

90% of natural disasters are related to water. The large and relatively poor population makes India extra vulnerable. In 2030, the Indian demand for water will even exceed the supply twice. This has many socio-economic consequences. The Indian government recognizes that there are many challenges associated with water. She realizes that something must be done. That is why the government is applying local and regional solutions across the country. For example for flood management and water reuse.

The Indian government is open to foreign knowledge and experience to address these challenges. The Netherlands is well placed on the map: Indian parties know and appreciate our expertise in the field of water management. The state visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to India in 2019 contributed to this. During the visit a lot of attention was paid to water.

What can you expect

During this mission you will learn more about the water problems in India. You will also discover how the Indian government intends to address these challenges. Dutch companies that are already active in the country share their experiences. You will also come into contact with Indian organizations and companies.


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